Few of my drawings for possible tattoo's

Rich Ink is a licensed and health authority registired tattoo studio.This is a home based studio which enables me to keep hourly rate at a low cost because of small over heads.My hourly charge is just £50phr,half day sessions £140 and full day sessions £250.

I can provide custom designs, cover-ups of other tattoos and one off, original artwork.favourite sytle of work would be japanese,day of the dead,anime and marvel style also doing more realism latley.

 If you would like to enquire about a tattoo, please see the contact page.
guarantee on all work, touch-ups or minor changes on tattoos will all come free of charge. 

We operate autoclave free, meaning that we use all disposable needles, tubes & tips. All work carried out with protective gloves worn. Guns and other equipment are all sleeved & bagged for every individual tattoo to prevent any cross-contamination.I have currently been tattooing for 12yrs.Have also attended magik realm tattoo school to further my training.I also have a nationally recognised qualification in infection control.

Richink is based in south Molton